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More than 30 experts, foodies, chefs, health practitioners and doctors share their knowledge on fermentation! 

  • Apr 23 - May 05, 2021

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Detailed Interviews, science-based practices and easy-to-follow, HANDS-ON VIDEOS

Discover the wild and forgotten world of fermentation!

Fermentiertes Gemüse

Learn about the historical background of ferments of different cultures from around the world.

Understand what makes fermented foods so valuable and how they can impact your gut health and microbiome. 

Learn how you can prepare ferments within minutes - so you can create a culinary experience for you and your whole family.

kimchi fermentation

Get inspired: Discover how to save money, eat delicious foods and live your life sustainably.

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Learn all about ferments and how you can safely and easily prepare them at home

Ferments are sustainable and easy to make

In times when we did not have fridges, ferments were an essential part of the diets of almost every culture - and that's before we even knew their nutritional value.

Make your own probiotic foods at home

Fermented foods are nutritious and wholesome. Apart from the fact that they deliver both probiotics and prebiotics, they are also jam-packed with nutrients which are often missing in today's modern diets.

Ferments are delicious and diverse

Everybody knows yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, beer and wine, but long-forgotten super foods like kefir, kombucha and tibicos have also become more and more popular in recent years.


Save your free seat at the International Fermentation Summit

and download your free Wild Fermentation eBook now!

Fermentation Summit program

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day 1:

An Introduction to Fermentation


Paul Seelhorst

About me and my mission


Sally Fallon

History of fermentation and evolutionary health


Sandor Ellix Katz

The past, present and future of fermentation

DAY 2:



Hannah Crum

Fermented foods, trends and the industry


Sebastien Bureau

The science of kombucha


Paul Seelhorst

Energizing kombucha - The mystical mushroom drink

DAY 3:

Water Kefir, Ginger Beer and Cream Soda


Alexis Goertz

All about ginger beer and other wild fermented drinks


Austin Durant 

The science behind water kefir and coconut kefir


Marcel Kruse

Low-sugar cream soda - The forgotten soft drink


Paul Seelhorst

Probiotic water kefir - Nature's ancient lemonade

DAY 4:

Veggie Fermentation basics


Mara King

Kimchi, zukemono and condiments 


Geru Pulsinger

Kimchi - The korean superfood


Halfdan Kluften

Fermented beetroot chili 


Lisa Erdmann

Fermented mustard


Lisa Erdmann

Fermented spicy sauces and ketchup 

DAY 5:

Fermented Dairy


Liz Thorpe

All about cheese - Cheezus, that's tasty!


Kriben Govender

Milk kefir - The probiotic superhero


Paul Seelhorst

Making milk kefir - The tasty cocktail to enhance your sleep and mood

DAY 6:

Mold Fermentation


Kirsten Shockey

All about natto, miso, soy sauce and tempeh


Markus Shimizu

Amazing miso - The magical seasoning


Simon from Ministry of Cultures

Tempeh & warm incubator workshop - plant-based protein power 

DAY 7:

Vegan Cheese and Yogurt


Claudia Lucero

All about vegan cheese - Ready in 5 minutes


Beba Baxter

How to make vegan cheese - the creamy temptation


Beba Baxter

Vegan cashew cheese - Inviting the "Yeastie Boys" to the party?


Nicolas Hartmann

Vegan yogurt styles with different plant-based milks

DAY 8:

Sourdough Bread


Mike Greenfield

Sourdough bread - Basics and handy tips


Thomas Lepold

Spontaneous fermentation and sourdough bread for experts


Halfdan Kluften

Sourdough flatbread and sour buns for beginners

DAY 9:

Fermentation - advanced


Halfdan Kluften

Turmeric-turnip cabbage


Geru Pulsinger

Fermented watermelon - Russian style


Geru Pulsinger

Easy cucumber kimchi - Oi-sobagi

DAY 10:

Health Benefits - Nutrients, the Gut & the Microbiome 


Summer Bock

Fermented foods and overall health


Grace Liu

Gut health and the microbiome


Kiran Krishnan

Gut health and fermented foods

DAY 11:

Beer & Wine


Erica Shea & Stephen Valand

All about beer and how to flavor it


Todd White

Natural wine - The noble queen of beverages

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the World's top experts share their knowledge about fermentation

What are the health benefits of fermented foods? How can you safely prepare your favorite probiotic foods at home, create delicious dishes and save money at the same time?

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Save money on costly flights, hotels and more. Learn at your own pace and connect with other fermentation fans within our community.  Benefit from our science-based, hands-on approach.

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This summit is a unique blend of interviews and workshops, featuring the most popular fermentation experts in the world. We are proud to present this information 100% free of charge. It is our mission to provide these ancient practices to as many people as possible in order to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

Paul Seelhorst

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm really happy you found this summit.

Today, I'm a passionate Foodie, Gourmet, and a Fermentation and Gut Health Expert.

A few years ago, it was a completely different story...

As a child, I had allergies, gut problems, food intolerances, you name it. I used to be sick all the time. Things got to their worst in my mid twenties. I had to be very careful with what I drank and ate, because I had reactions to most foods and drinks, and symptoms of all kinds. I couldn't sleep properly, I had panic attacks during the night and then of course, I'd be tired all day. I had stomach cramps, migraines, and a really weak immune system. I felt miserable all the time and to be honest, I was scared I was going to die soon.

After hundreds of doctor's appointments, and seeing countless acupuncturists, health coaches, healers, and homeopaths - to name but a few - I started my own research on the internet. I'm so glad I did.

At one point, I was diagnosed with what is called "histamine intolerance".

Since then, an evolutionary diet approach has helped me control my symptoms. I quickly learned that gut health plays a key role in our overall health and bad gut health is linked to all kinds of chronic diseases. I read all the books I could find, listened to podcasts, looked at studies, went to conferences and connected with experts in the field.

I was fascinated by living foods, so Kombucha, wild fermented veggies, water kefir and other fermented foods became part of my daily diet.

In 2012, I started fermenting at home, became an entrepreneur and co-founded the company Fairment. Our mission is to educate people about fermentation, and provide cultures and equipment to safely and easily ferment at home.

By 2018, I had hosted the German fermentation summit and co-founded and hosted the biggest online health summits in Europe.

Now I want to share my own knowledge and that of the world's top experts on fermentation with YOU. I enjoy every single one of my meals and I can't imagine a diet without living foods anymore.

I want you to taste the unique flavours of these long-forgotten super foods, plus save money and live healthily and sustainably at the same time.

Just enter your name and email below and I will see you on the other side!




Save your free seat at the International Fermentation Summit 
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