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Hi, this is Paul 

I am super happy to have you as a partner, promoting the fermentation summit.

I am expecting at least 30.000 participants with each launch and a conversion rate of around 7-15% for every person who visits the website and takes part.

You can earn money by sharing the website with your exclusive partner link and share this amazing free content with your followers. The summit is free to watch for a certain amount of time only and can optionally be bought for a lifetime access.

Isn't that great? :-)

I am thankful to already have really cool affiliate-partners on board who know they are nurturing their audience by offering them to take part in the summit.

Are you in? 

These are the details...

fermentation summit Launch Date

The optimal promotion starts 1 week before the summit launches. During this time, you should re-direct your followers to the website via your partner link (more on that below) so  they can enter their name and email address to receive the video content as the summit launches. At this point we already start offering the premium package, which can be purchased.

 ONLINE FERMENTATION SUMMIT 2021 //  Apr 23th – May 5th 

Promo Phase and Launch Date - Fermentation Summit

Optimal promo phase (1 week before start)    

17th of April

Last chance to promote (also very effective to send out as a second email / reminder)

22th of April

Summit time

23th of Apr – 5th of May

These are the TOP 3 Reasons to participate in the affiliate program

Reason #1: 
Your Followers Will Love the Free Content

Your followers can watch the whole content for free during the time of the summit. They will love the amazing content and learn tons of helpful stuff they can use for their everyday life.

If they have questions, our support team is there for them at any time.

Years of experience and work are combined in this summit as well as days of research for the best experts, preparing interview questions, recordings, video cutting and editing and designing this website. 

I am super proud of this event and he practical tipps and tricks that are being taught.

Your followers will love it! We get thousands of thankful emails of participants every time we launch an online summit.

Reason #2: 
Exceptional Quality and Experience

The online fermentation summit is not an ordinary event. The content is carefully picked and put together to make sure the participant will get more out of it than he or she expects.

Extra Bonuses, the summit guide and additional content are designed with lots of love and the participant will receive even more insights of strategies and methods of the experts.

An all-in-one packet, so to say.

Reason #3: 
Fair Provision Shares Generates More Revenue 

Everyone would like to be compensated for their efforts, right?

The total for our Summit Premium Package is 57€. For each sale generated by you we will pay out 50% of commission. Meaning, for each premium member log in you will receive 25€ commission.

Exclusive offer: Once you have signed up for the FREE summit access I will arrange all further steps for you.

The overall content is very convincing and generates a conversion rate of 10-15%. No need for sending outbound sales emails.

Forward the summit's audience and I will initiate everything else.

Your Paul


  • 50% commission on all Premium Accesses (Net- Sales).
  • Cookies are tracking the traffic until 6 months after the summit and will pay out commission for you even then. 
  • Commission will be paid 14 to 30 days after the summit. 

fErmentation summit premium ACCESS


  • Immediate Access  / Lifelong Access to all Video Interviews .
  • Immediate Access  / Lifelong Access to all Interviews (audio only - MP3).
  • Ultimate Congress Guide with Paul's Personal Interview Notes.
  • Valuable Bonus PDFs with Recipes for Faster Implementation.
  • Several Discount Codes by Premium Partners (Value: >200€)

You Will Get EVERYTHING You need 

As soon as you have registered on our Affiliate Program I will forward all details for your maximum success - and minumum effort.

I am aware of you being very busy. Hence why I want to make this as easy as possible and enable you the possibility to share with your audience.

prescribeD E-mail

To make your work load as less as possible I have generated an email template where you need to edit the relevant information, only. Feel free to use the template partly, only or create your own template.

Easy affiliate link

The necessary link is easy to recognize and to use.


-If you already have a digistore24 account, just put in your "digistore name" in the link above instead of "affiliate"

Example of "averagejoe"


Social media Posts

If you want to post adverts or post via your social media channel I can provide some prepared images.

SOME Tips for MAximum Success

This is How You Generate the Most Registrations


Send at least 2 emails to your audience before the summit has started. The second email should be send to those who have not read your first email. This will boost your total registrations by 20%.


Communicate on time: ideally 7 days before summit.

Weekend is also suitable.


Share the summit on social media channels.


Send an email to all your leads. This boost your total sales.


If you are joining the summit as an speaker, please email your leads additionally one day before your own video.


Save the date! April 23th 2021 - May 5th 2021.

Ideal date for sending affiliate email is some time in the week before. 1 mail is good. A reminder mail is better ;-)

Step #1: 

Register with Digistore:

In order to become affiliate, you just have to register with https://www.digistore24.com/.

--> This step takes approximately 2 minutes and you can use it for lots of other future digital products.

If you are already registered, you can ignore this step!

Step #2: 
Send the correct partner link to your followers

Once you have registered with digistore, you create your own affiliate LINK with this tool:


You use the following link and replace the string "AFFILIATE" with your Digistore24 username 

general affiliate link to the login page

IMPORTANT: The word "AFFILIATE" in the link requires your Digistore24 username!

for example


Step #3: 
Promote the summit

The more people you reach, the more money you can potentially earn.

We recommend to promote the summit via all channels you can.

The best ones, chronologically, are:

» Newsletters

» Facebook page

» Facebook profile

» Facebook groups

» Instagram

» Pinterest

» Blog posts

Click on the link below to access our pre-written copy (infotext) and promo banners (pictures).

If you have any questions please contact me on


 and I will be in touch with you.

Thank you for your support!

I am looking forward to a highly successful online fermentation summit 2021 with you.


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