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Does your life feel like a marathon sometimes? Or even a sprint? It seems like everything always has to be quick nowadays. The job, our kids, parents... oh and what about housework and finding time to cook and eat healthily? 

We want to make everyone around us happy and so we often forget to take care of ourselves. And our health. Yet it is so easy to take a moment for some food prepping or fermenting, while letting our minds wander and using our hands every once in a while. Why not make it a meditative experience?

This unique summit enables you to rediscover the forgotten knowledge of our grandparents, who enjoyed fermented foods on a daily basis. Every culture in the world has their own fermented foods which are part of their traditional diet.

Are you ready to try some and ditch those modern meals that don't nourish our bodies anyway? Say hello to the power of living foods!

I have spent countless hours putting together this incredible knowledge package for you. It's a real labor of love! I'm on a mission to spread the word about these amazing fermenting techniques.

My team and I have spent several years doing intense experiments, joining expensive workshop sessions, researching literature, analyzing scientific studies and scrolling through blogs in order to put together this summit.

When we realized how quickly we could learn how to ferment, we were hooked! And you can follow all of these basic steps at home - safely and easily.

The food industry and Big Pharma have tried to dupe us for many years. Products with big margins for the industry have been sold with false marketing claims about "health benefits" without the relevant beneficial effects. The experts on this summit explain why this is nonsense and how you can achieve real benefits while avoiding costly drugs.

Reconnect with your inner child, experiment in the kitchen and reactivate your body's healing power!

You'll be able to put all your learnings into action in no time.

I promise you won't regret it! 


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Become a master of fermentation - this is what you'll get:

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›› Discover which modern methods will help you ferment easily and effectively.

›› Save yourself the cost of confusing research or overpriced food and gain knowledge from more than 30 experts.

Discover 30+ hours of the most advanced fermentation methods...

Immediate access to all videos. Also available as MP3 files so you can listen on the go. Full summit guide containing all the key facts (PDF files). 
+ many exceptional bonuses 

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day 1 - 19 july:

An Introduction to Fermentation

Paul Seelhorst

About me and my mission

Sally Fallon

History of Fermentation and Evolutionary Health

Sandor Ellix Katz

The Past, the present and the future of Fermentation

DAY 2 - 20 JULY:


Hannah Crum

Fermented Foods, Trends and The Industry

Sebastien Bureau

The science of Kombucha

Paul Seelhorst

Energizing Kombucha - The Mystical Mushroom Drink

DAY 3 - 21 JULY:

Water Kefir, Ginger Beer and Cream Soda

Alexis Goertz

All about Ginger Beer and other wild fermented drinks

Austin Durant 

The science behind Water Kefir and Coconot Kefir

Marcel Kruse

Low sugar Cream Soda - The forgotten Softdrink

Paul Seelhorst

Probiotic Water Kefir - Nature's Ancient Lemonade

DAY 4 - 22 july:

Veggie Fermentation basics

Mara King

Kimchi, Zukemono and Condiments 

Geru Pulsinger

Kimchi - The Korean Superfood

Halfdan Kluften

Fermented Red Beet Chili 

Lisa Erdmann

Fermented Mustard

Lisa Erdmann

Fermented Spicy Sauces and Ketchup 

DAY 5 - 23 july:

Fermented Dairy

Liz Thorpe

All about Cheese - Cheezus, that's tasty!

Kriben Govender

Milk Kefir - The Probiotic Super Hero

Paul Seelhorst

Making Milk Kefir - The tasty cocktail for sleep and good mood

DAY 6 - 24 july:

Mold Fermentation

Kirsten Shockey

All about Natto, Miso, Soy Sauce and Tempeh

Markus Shimizu

Amazing Miso - The Magical Seasoning

Simon from Ministry of Cultures

Tempeh & Warm Incubator Workshop - Plantbased Protein Power 

DAY 7 - 25 july:

Vegan Cheese and Yoghurt

Claudia Lucero

All about Vegan Cheese - Ready in 5 Minutes

Beba Baxter

How to make Vegan Cheese - The Creamy Temptation

Beba Baxter

Vegan Cashew Cheese - Inviting the "Yeastie Boys" to the Party?

Nicolas Hartmann

Vegan Yoghurt Styles with different Plantbasted Milks

DAY 8 - 26 july:

Sourdough Bread

Mike Greenfield

Sourdough Bread - Basics and Handy Tipps

Thomas Lepold

Spontaneous fermentation and sourdough bread for experts

Halfdan Kluften

Sourdough Flatbread and Sour Buns for beginners

DAY 9 - 29 july:

Fermentation - advanced

Halfdan Kluften

Turmeric-Turnip Cabbage

Geru Pulsinger

Fermented Water Melon - Russian Style

Geru Pulsinger

Easy Cucumber Kimchi - Oi-Sobagi

DAY 10 - 30 july:

Health Benefits - Nutrients, the Gut & the Microbiome 

Summer Bock

Fermented Foods and Overall Health

Grace Liu

Gut Health and the Microbiome

Kiran Krishnan

Gut Health and Fermented Foods

DAY 11 - 31 july:

Beer & Wine

Brooklyn Brew Shop

All about Beer and flavouring it

Todd White

Natural Wine - The Noble Queen of Beverages

» 25+ Video Interviews (also as MP3s to-go)

» 10+ Workshop Videos (also as MP3s to-go)

» The Compact Summit Guide with the key facts of all Interviews.

ZERO RISK: This offer is valid for a short period of time, only. 60 days money-back-guarantee

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We guarantee you a free 60 days trial period to watch each video for free.

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