- Paul Seelhorst
About me and my mission

Interview is still available until Saturday 7:00 am


Paul Seelhorst

Hi, I am Paul and I am really happy you have found this summit.

I am looking forward to guiding you through the information during the next days. We will cover very different topics.

The history of fermentation, health benefits, how to safely make different fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, kefir, kombucha, yoghurt and many more at home.

We talk about the gut, bacteria and our microbiome and the latest research surrounding all that as well as aspects of the sustainability of fermentation. ;-)

As a child, I had allergies, gut problems, food intolerances and used to be sick all the time. In this interview you will learn how I was able to heal myself and what worked for me. 

Have a great summit and make microbes do their magic!

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