- Grace Liu 

Gut Health and the Microbiome

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Grace Liu

  • Founder of The Gut Institute, Formulator of Probiotics, Host of the Microbiome Medicine Conferences (Dec 2016, Oct 2018, new Sept 2019) and Heal SIBO-SIFO Summit (HSSS, SPRING 2020)
  • Grace Liu believes in educating clinicians and coaches at The Gut Institute to heal and improve ONE BILLION guts and impact the world around us.
  • Dr. Grace Liu PharmD is an IFM-trained functional medicine practitioner and founder of The Gut Institute. She is a clinical pharmacist with a doctorate in practice for 20+ years and specializes in complex disease management. Dr. Liu PharmD consults and helps clients gain optimal performance through rebuilding the microbiome after damage from modern living. She uses nutrigenomic tools and other advanced functional lab testing to give the solutions, strategies and treatments that reverse modern gut dysbiosis and disease. 
  • The Gut Institute motto is ‘Bugs over drugs!’


Personal Life:

  • When Grace isn’t busy helping clients in her clinical practice or clinicians rock their practice with gut protocols and scaling their businesses, she loves spending time with her family and friends and reading. Grace, her family live in the Bay Area California where she can be found jogging, hiking, Muay Thai boxing and Krav or tasting whiskey flights.

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