- Simon from Ministry of Cultures 

Tempeh & Warm Incubator Workshop - Plantbased Protein Power

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Simon from Ministry of Cultures

Simon’s interest in fermentation and healthy living was sparked 10 years ago when he started to experiment with making tempeh for his wife who is from Indonesia. Since then he has honed his skills in many fermentation processes including tempeh, kombucha, beer, wines, kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut.

In 2016, he met his business partner Carrie Svingen and they decided to establish Ministry of Cultures based on their shared passion for tempeh. Founded in 2017, Ministry of Cultures produces and sells organic artisanal tempeh in Berlin. Before starting the company,

Simon undertook a tempeh research trip to the island of Java where he apprenticed at small and big tempeh production sites. Simon is the head of production and product development at Ministry of Cultures.

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