- Claudia Lucero 

All about Vegan Cheese - Ready in 5 Minutes

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Claudia Lucero

Cheese Maker and educator, vegan and dairy and an author.

Take what is good about normal cheese (umami flavour, tanginess, texture, flavour, colour, saltiness, creaminess) - cashews are very good, almonds also work.

Sauerkraut brine and miso paste are great ingredients.

Claudia loves 2 different styles - one is just making it really quick without fermentation (1 hour cheese) - just mix flavourful ingredients and use fermented elements.

You add a lot of ingredients here you usually add to sauce. Agar or tapioca starch can work wonders here.

Enzymes eat proteins and get umami flavour, bacteria eat starches and create acidity. For this method you try to get rid of liquid (you can also use a dehydrator at low temperature)

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